A Review of Ayrshire Hospice

Ayrshire Hospice is a charitable organization that was started in 1983 but began work in 1987. It offers quality and outstanding services to improve the lives of those affected by life-limiting illnesses such as lung disease, cancer, neurological diseases, and many more. They provide exceptional care for patients with conditions that have no cure to improve the quality of each patient who has a limited life. In the last one year, Ayrshire Hospice has supported more than 1400 patients and families across Ayrshire. Continue reading a comprehensive review of Aryshire Hospice and the services they provide to the community.

Services Ayrshire Hospice Provide

The Ayrshire Hospice has a dedicated team that provides various support and care for people with terminal illnesses. Also, they provide care and support to the family and friends of the bereaved when the patient rests. Here are the different services that Ayrshire Hospice offers

#1. Community Services

One of the core services that Ayrshire hospice offers is community service. The Hospice has community specialist palliative care nurses that offer support and care to patients at their homes or in care homes. You can be offered these services during diagnosis or at any point of the illness.

The Ayrshire community team is always available seven days a week from 8 to 6 Pm to offer services to the terminally ill in society. Patients, caregivers, or families can contact the Hospice anytime for help. Moreover, they offer advice and support over the phone. However, before offering the support, the Hospice first undertakes a thorough nursing assessment to know exactly what you need to enable them to develop a personalized care plan.

#2. Living well service

The Ayrshire Hospice also has a program that connects those suffering from life-limiting illnesses with other like-minded people to meet and forget their pains for some time. Usually, when living in such conditions, it is easy to feel secluded. If you are in such a situation, this Hospice helps you to walk through the journey of living well. It has 8 weeks rolling program where you learn, be informed, and be empowered on how to live well. And since the Hospice Living well team is experienced during the program session, you will further learn social sessions to enable you to associate with others to build courage from peers. You need to select the sessions that suit you best and join.

#3. Respite and Response service

If you are living with a life-threatening illness and you would wish to die at home Ayrshire Hospice got you a shoulder. The hospice offers respite and response service that prevents unnecessary hospital admissions. They do that by offering adequate support to the patients and carers when need be. The respite and response team consists of care assistants who provide respite to carers at difficult times. And grants patients and their families their wishes at the end of life.

#4. Patient and family support

Also, Ayrshire Hospice offers patient & family support services. It involves providing practical, spiritual, and emotional help to the patients and families by a team that consists of counsellors, a chaplain, social workers, trained volunteers, and family support workers. Also, the Hospice provides bereavement services to help the family and friends of the bereaved to handle the emotional impact that comes with the loss. Furthermore, Ayrshire Hospice offers this service before or after bereavement.

#5. Therapy

Ayrshire Hospice has a trained physiotherapy team that offers therapy to patients to help improve their quality of life. The therapy improves patients’ independence, Safety, and comfort. Also, professional therapists provide free complementary therapies to the patient’s carers and family members.

#6. Clinical Pharmacy Services

Ayrshire Hospice also provides clinical pharmacy services to the community. The team that offers this service includes a specialist palliative care pharmacist and a senior pharmacy technician. The team provides pharmaceutical advice to patients, carers, and other health professionals across Arran and Ayrshire.

Wrap Up

Ayrshire Hospice is a non-profit organization that offers excellent services across Ayrshire. It reaches and improves the lives of patients facing a far shorter future. The hospice offers exceptional care to people with life-limiting illnesses, which helps to improve their quality of life at the end of life. Ayrshire Hospice offers various services, including community, living well, respite and response, patient and family support, therapy, and pharmacy advice. The hospice does great community work across Ayrshire and the surrounding areas.

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